Week 2: Rock Through The Darkness

So in the second week edition of Producer's Picks the theme is "Pensive Rock". It's an unfortunate timing where this week (and if you're reading this on Monday especially) is the remembrance of 9/11, one of the most terrible events in American history, before 2016 was a thing and proved to us "oh believe me, it can get much much worse". On top of that we have Hurrican Irma coming and I know some people in Florida who REFUSED to evacuate. So this week's playlist is a mix of ballad infused rock that gets a bit angry towards the end as we remember those who have passed on and those who may be going through really dark and tumultous times. Listen to the playlist here

5:30am - everbloom
-A new indie band I discovered at the recommendation of someone I went to the Seventeen Diamond Edge Dallas concert with, everbloom is an amazing eclectic blend of spacey tones, really soft but very solid vocals. Fun fact the lead singer was a trainee at BigHit before leaving. A perfect mellow song that swells enough just to get us started.

Hurt - Loveholics
-A pretty damn obscure song from a very obscure project band called LOVEHOLICS. "Hurt" is a song that will be sure to invoke emotions of pain, sorrow, and mourning. But it's not just about being sad, it's about letting out that frustration and screaming out. Let those emotions out.

Sorry - The Rose
-I don't know where you've been if you missed out on the debut of this new K-Rock band simply known as "The Rose". The vocals are on some insane shit and in fact might be more powerful than the instruments themselves. The lead singer will surely guide you to a place where you can tap into your feelings.

Aluminium - Broken Valentine
-Forewarning: This song is pretty long at a whopping 5 minutes and 46 seconds but believe me the journey is worth it. With an amazing rock vocalist, this is one of the more underrated bands that will never see their moment in the sun as their lead singer died from a tragic accident a few years ago. Everytime I mourn a death I think of this song and of him. The chorus is absolutely heartbreaking and look out for that amazing guitar solo at 4:10 and my personal favorite is at 5:09.

Mistake - Drug Restaurant
-You've probably heard of this song and this band but I can't imagine a more appropriate track that invokes a dark but emotional and exciting atmosphere than this lead singer's sharp way of singing the chorus of this song.

-A personal favorite of mine, this song is like a beautiful tragedy. It starts out slow and light but Hongki's vocals guide to a place of yearning and sorrow. And of course at the climax of the song everything makes a 180 and turns into a bonafied rock song. If you've ever wanted to scream into the distance, this is the song to accompany you.

Run Away - Royal Pirates
-And underrated K-Rock group, I decided to end this week's Picks with Royal Pirates and especially their song "Run Away" because I wanted to leave you excited and angry. We could just wallow in sadness but the whole reason I chose rock bands and not sad ballad singers for this playlist was because I wanted to beat that drum in your hand. No matter how tough it gets, it's OK to mourn, but be sure to pick yourself back up and continue running forward. Look out for that sick ass breakdown at 2:20.

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Jae Yim