Week 1: These Final Summer Nights

It's the first week of September which marks the official beginning of the end. Summer is about to dwindle down and in only a few weeks we'll be headed for chilly weather.

Perhaps the process has already begun for the lot of you. You've returned to school after summer break or you're on the cusp of joining again. Whatever the reason may be, you're going to miss the freedom of summer.

For the first week of Producer's Picks, I've specially curated a playlist that will be sure to make you miss that freedom as we countdown these final summer nights. Listen to the playlist here

Cigarette (ft. Miso, Tablo) - offonoff
-Starting off the playlist is a dark jazzy flavor from offonoff. The song's warm fuzzy nature simulates that sort of warm humidity of these summer nights. It's the kind of song you start the night out with as you stroll through city as all the shops begin to close. But that's exactly when the fun begins. 

Fine Apple (ft. kriz) - Woo Taewoon
-Keeping in theme with the chill mellow tone from the previous track we slowly gain a little confidence. There's a little extra skip in your step and maybe you feel a little bit sexy and you're open to seeing who's out there tonight.

Paradise Go - Suran
-Maybe you find someone or maybe you're just with friends but you yearn to hold on to the summer and escape it provided. Suran's song offers a complex feeling of dark nostalgia with smooth jazzy overtones and an exciting poppy chorus that brings you back to that faraway island in your head.

Whisper - VIXX LR
-This song contains major summer tropical vibes but it's so muted and dark that it's less of the free summer spirit vibe and more of a dark sweaty summer night vibe. And yet as the song progresses you get more and more lost in the sway of Leo's voice and before you know it you're ready to lose yourself to the music.

Pure - Hey Violet
-With a little more attitude, "Pure" by Hey Violet brings a nice change of pace to this playlist but still assimilates perfectly if you listened to the tracks in order as the slow buildup, especially playing off of "Whisper" enhances this song's echoing chorus.

Go! (ft. Mai Lan)
-A song I'm currently obsessed with. If there's ever a song that perfectly captures the fun, hazy, lost nature of an adventure at night it's this song. With a funky bass line and one hell of a sax solo, this song will get you hype and ready for the end. It's a song that echoes a bit of facing the finality of it all. The finale of both the summer and this playlist.

Goodbye Trip - 2PM
-This track is one that not everyone might be familiar with despite such a high profile artist. With a very loud and punchy instrumental track it's pretty easy to get excited. But with bittersweet lyrics of goodbye and sorrow, you can't help but have mixed feelings of nostalgia as you dance and bid farewell. If you like DAY6's "Sing Me" this might be right up your alley.

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Jae Yim